Live Biotherapeutic Products for Treating Skin Disease

Unmet Medical Need and Scientific Rationale for microbiome derived topical products.

MatriSys Bio maintains a robust development pipeline of topical therapies for unmet dermatology indications. The company’s lead project MSB-01 is intended for the treatment of Atopic Dermatitis (AD). MSB-01 is a novel, highly selective topical antimicrobial therapeutic that replaces the “Good Bacteria” that are deficient on the skin of AD patients. AD is associated with an imbalance of the patient’s skin microbes and a high susceptibility to infection by Staph. aureus. The disease is characterized by dry skin, lesions that scale, crust, or ooze a serous fluid, and intense itch. It affects 15 million Americans and 132 million people globally. It is typically-managed with topical steroids. The infection by Staph. aureus is usually treated with antibiotic therapies which can kill the “Good Bugs” by friendly fire. The depletion of these beneficial bacteria then allows harmful pathogens to colonize the skin more effectively, which often results in debilitating infections, and additional antibiotic treatments.

Our lead microbiome Phase I/II clinical program (MSB-01), which addresses the Atopic Dermatitis (AD) market is NIH funded, and IP protected with an exclusive license from UCSD.  Our “Good Bug”, S. hominis Sh-A9 is selective and highly potent against the “Bad Bug” S. aureus. Importantly, unlike antibiotics, our S. hominis Sh-A9 does not affect other skin “Good Bugs”, leading to the rebalance of the natural skin microbiome. Our approach is a dramatic improvement over broad-spectrum antibiotics that kill pathogenic bacteria but also destroy the beneficial bacteria by friendly fire.

An earlier formulation of MSB-01 has already completed phase I clinical trial and was found to dramatically decrease S. aureus colonization and improve skin inflammation without causing collateral damage to the “Good Bugs”. MSB-01 will be entering phase IIa clinical trials at the end of 2016.

MSB-03 is a topical therapeutic for Psoriasis, Netherton Syndrome and Rosacea, a chronic inflammatory skin condition that affects approximately 16 million Americans.

The company’s lead projects MSB-01 and MSB-03 are programs with both therapeutic and cosmetic/skin care endpoints.

Following demonstration of safety and clinical proof of efficacy of MSB-01, MatriSys Bioscience will seek commercial partnerships with pharmaceutical companies.

Product / Indication
Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Microbiome: Atopic Dermatis/Atopic Eczema
Microbiome: Bacterial Infections
Rosacea {505(b)(2)}
Psoriasis {505(b)(2)}
Netherton Syndrome